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Startups & Business Formation

Preparing Startups And Businesses For Success

The choices that a business owner makes before opening the door can have a significant impact on the future health of the venture. Forming a new enterprise requires careful attention to detail in a variety of areas.

The attorneys at Kaspar & Lugay LLP help businesses build or restructure their entities with comprehensive legal analysis to set our clients up for success.

Forming A Business From The Ground Up

An important step in starting a business is choosing the appropriate entity. We fully analyze the nature of the business organization and provide knowledgeable advice on the tax treatment that various business forms receive. We help our clients to understand the impact the taxes play in forming a business.

Our lawyers’ experience in business and tax law is well-suited to help our clients effectively:

  • Evaluate the future needs of the business and select the appropriate entity
  • Form an LLC, S-Corporation, Subchapter C-Corporation, partnership or other entity
  • Develop a detailed business plan, which is critical in seeking venture capital
  • Develop corporate governance and business succession plans
  • Build and maintain corporate formalities, including articles of incorporation, LLC operating agreements, partnership agreements and other vital documents
  • Draft business contracts
  • Create employment and business policies to protect the entity

Our startups and business formation practice is aimed at providing knowledgeable legal guidance to allow our clients to get their feet underneath and avoid exposure to litigation into the future. From business registration matters to ongoing concerns, we develop long-term relationships with clients. Many small and medium-sized entities in the North Bay area rely on us to serve as outside counsel as the business grows.

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For entrepreneurs, startups and California businesses of all sizes, the quality of the legal advice underlying business decisions can have a significant impact on the overall success of the venture. To discuss your business law needs with a knowledgeable lawyer in Corte Madera, complete our online contact form or call 415.789.5881.