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Divorce for Startup Founders & Key Employees

Protecting Your Property in a High Asset Divorce

Divorce and Family Law Help for Santa Barbara Startups

The thriving Santa Barbara business community is home to more than 300 local tech-based startup businesses all vying to become the next big thing in their respective fields. In order to attract top talent, fledgling companies offer a variety of equity options in lieu of large salaries. If you are one of those startup equity holders and are involved in a divorce, your equity stake is fair game in the division of marital assets.

Santa Barbara Divorce Lawyer  is a leading Santa Barbara law firm in the area of equity division in divorce. If you have stock options or restricted stock units (RSUs) and are involved in a divorce, time is of the essence. Contact us online today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced divorce lawyers.

Risky business: How California divorce law endangers your RSUs

Even though professionals throughout California, from Silicon Valley to Santa Barbara, regularly include Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) in their asset portfolio, few realize they face losing those RSUs during a divorce. To help you better understand these issues, the attorneys at Santa Barbara Divorce Lawyer have drafted a white paper titled “Risky Business: How California Divorce Law Endangers RSUs” This paper covers a number of important topics, including:

  • How California divorce law treats property different than most states
  • The unique features of RSUs as an asset
  • The case law that currently applies to RSUs
  • The vague laws that put your RSUs at risk

Learn more about our thriving Santa Barbara startup scene by visiting David Pricco’s list of 300+ companies located in sunny Santa Barbara County.

Download and read this groundbreaking white paper today to learn more about how RSUs are valued and divided by California divorce courts. Then, contact one of our attorneys to schedule a consultation in which you can take steps to protect your assets in a divorce.


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