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Protecting Your Property in a High Asset Divorce

Santa Barbara Divorce Lawyer Delivers Responsive Service and Tenacious Advocacy.

Divorce and the difficult decisions that lead up to it are complex, emotionally charged, and incredibly personal. The experienced team of Santa Barbara divorce attorneys at Santa Barbara Divorce Lawyer will give you a guiding hand as you navigate the complex California family law system, expert legal and financial counsel so you make the best decisions for your children, and act as a shield to protect you and your loved ones until your legal issue is resolved.

Understanding the pros and cons of different approaches to divorce, for example, a legal separation versus marital dissolution, is critical to making the right choices for you and your family. You will need to weigh the pros and cons of each approach, as there will be lasting consequences in terms of child custody and support, property division, and whether alimony may be necessary.

Our California divorce lawyers are focused on developing a clear picture of your specific legal issue and your ultimate goals. With a foundation of trust and understanding, our team of exceptional attorneys will secure the resolution you deserve through tenacious advocacy.

A Law Firm Offering Comprehensive Divorce Services

Ending a marriage from a legal perspective can be just as daunting and painful as it is from a personal perspective. Divorce attorneys who are able to do things like value assets, investigate marital misconduct, and negotiate the settlement you want and deserve will ease that burden and deliver peace of mind.

At Santa Barbara Divorce Lawyer our first step is to meet and set the table in terms of your expectations and goals. In order to facilitate the best strategy for your case, we will walk you through the pros, cons, and procedures for initiating divorce or pursuing a formal legal separation in California. We will explain all steps in the divorce process so that you can feel confident that you understand your choices and why you have made them. You can read more about common cases we handle:

  • Divorce for professionals, including athletes, entertainers and startup founders with high net worth and diverse assets.
  • Uncontested divorce proceedings to facilitate a quick and efficient end to a marriage where both parties wish to move on.
  • Alternatives to divorce can also be more efficient if you qualify for an annulment or legal separation.

Here are some common questions our divorce attorneys field on a daily basis: